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Tregenna Ball














Maestro Rita 'Cheeky Bunny', "The General, Her Matchless Piety, Lady Conductor has taken up the baton and the ball is on! Now let your imagination take over and join us as we dance and sing.

Ladies and Gentlemen! It gives me great pleasure to welcome our very special guests,  Fred Astaire. 
Oh, Fred and Ginger are beautiful as the
y glide across the floor, but...wait a minute, what the... Oh my goodness, there is Sweetie on Ginger's shoulder wearing top hat and tails- (no, not down there Sweetie, get back up on her shoulder). He is quite overcome by seeing Ginger and can hardly speak. The parrots, dressed in their top hats, white tie and tails are hanging onto  Fred's coat tails twirling their canes in time  to the music: "I'm puttin' on my top hat, tying up my white tie..." Now here come from stage left and right the cats  and dogs, the horses and dragons and Kanga and all the other creatures all wearing coloured feather boas... what a sight as they slip, slide and tumble around the dancing couple.