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Brave Benbow

Our next song will be sung by Warren, who is reputed to have had pirates amongst his ancestors.

Admiral Benbow had a bloodthirsty reputation gained by delivering the heads of several pirates to the authorities in Cadiz. His career in the Navy began in 1678 fighting pirates in the Mediterranean. Before long he was driven out by his temper and harsh tongue, court martialled for insulting a fellow officer. He returned to the sea in command of his own merchantman, He rejoined the navy for the war with France in 1701 and William of Orange sent him to the West Indies to intercept the Spanish galleons. Eventually he collides with his second in command, Colonel Richard Kirkby who leads three other captains in rebellion. The ensuing mutiny and trial are detailed in this song...................

Come all you seamen bold
and draw near, and draw near,
Come all you seamen bold and draw near.
It's of an admiral's fame,
O brave Benbow was his name,
How he fought all on the main,
you shall hear, you shall hear.

Brave Benbow he set sail
For to fight, for to fight
Brave Benbow he set sail for to fight.
Brave Benbow he set sail
with a fine and pleasant gale
But his captains they turn'd tail
in a fright, in a fright.

Says Kirby unto Wade:
We will run, we will run
Says Kirby unto Wade, we will run.
For I value no disgrace,
nor the losing of my place,
But the enemy I won't face,
nor his guns, nor his guns.

The Ruby and Benbow
fought the French, fought the french
The Ruby and Benbow fought the French.
They fought them up and down,
till the blood came trickling down,
Till the blood came trickling down
where they lay, where they lay.

Brave Benbow lost his legs
by chain shot, by chain shot
Brave Benbow lost his legs by chain shot.
Brave Benbow lost his legs,
And all on his stumps he begs,
Fight on my English lads,
'Tis our lot, 'tis our lot.

The surgeon dress'd his wounds,
Cries Benbow, cries Benbow
The surgeon dress'd his wounds, cries Benbow.
Let a cradle now in haste,
on the quarterdeck be placed
That the enemy I may face
'Til I die, 'Til I die.

Admiral Benbow Cocktail

2 oz. Gin, 1 oz. Dry Vermouth

Stir over ice, Pour into an Old fashioned glass, Garnish with a cherry



With thanks to Lesley Nelson-Burns for the information and she is also the creator of the midi file.