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A Flag to fly Over Cornwall

Music "Trelawney"  an excellent rebel song.

"Good needles and a trusty hand
A merry heart and true;
King Tony's men shall understand
What Cornish gals can do."

more about the painting


A Giant St Pirans flag 

There has been report that you need planning permission to fly the flag of St Piran in Cornwall. As a result: of this -

Queen Corinne-Cheeky Saffron-Helper The Admiral, Her Incomparable Eminence, The Honorable Slayer of Toorak (I think the S in slayer is silent as she is aka "The Toorak Tart"). suggested that the knitters group knit a virtual St. Pirans Flag, large enough to fly over the whole of Cornwall?

"Crown Princess Beth Trumpy Elf" The Guildmistress, Her Puissant Grace, . The Invulnerable Butcher of Toronto thought it was a brilliant idea and as they are moving next year and was supposed to be off loading stuff  says that she has balls of black wool to donate to the cause, and will start on squares right away.

Baroness Ann-Lucky-Clotted Cream. The Viceroy, Her Puissant Potency. The Adroit Victor over Orange.  Says that she is joining The Knitters Group and will help with the St Piran's flag. as she'd  love to see it waving over *all* of Cornwall.

Luscious Liz - Trumpy Saffron-Walnut (that's Trumpy, not Frumpy!!) in Peterborough is donating some glittery yarn to the giant St. Piran's flag so it catches the light & dazzles everyone.

The Divine Mrs. M - Lucky Snuffle Wuff Fairy aka Jan Mackey, will donate a few rhinestones as they would look nice on St. Piran's flag so that we can see it twinkling in the lights at night so she will sew on a few.

Pam (The Bendigo Gal)
says that she will bring some black & white wool for the flag.



By Anna Cole

Gweskys gans an keynvor
An Gwyns heb kost ha goeth
Yma bro a'y karrek ha fow
Kervys yw re'n mor.

Gwydhennow boemm y'n keow meyn
Eglos y'n awel hwyth
Goelannow frappys gans gwyns
Draylyer a wandrek hwath.

Hyns mar hir avel bys a-dro
Ow neuvya a'n karrek dhe'n halow
Kastell ughel a'n als serth ha pilennek
Sesys a Gernow war-tu an arvor.


Battered by the Ocean
With the winds wild and free
There is a land of rock and cave
Carved by the sea.

Blown trees in hedges of stone
Church in the blast of the gale.
Gulls blown awry by the breath of the wind
Traveling its endless trail.

Trail as long as the world is round,
Flowing from rock to moor.
Castle of sheer and ragged cliffs,
Hanging on to Cornwall's shore.

Anna C. in Cornwall.