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Lorna's & Geoff's Dance



Everybody on the floor for a "Ladies Excuse Me". Geoff me old darlin' there you are. My, you do  look good in that 12-ply Cowichan sweater with the buffalo, but won't you be too hot?  Are you ready to do the slow foxtrot with me? Come on its easy, slow, slow, quick, quick, slow.

I just saw old Zeph go floating by with someone wearing a tiara and a glamorous nightie. In fact there are a lot of ghosts dancing around the ballroom. They are having the time of their lives, er deaths, er, never mind. I hope the pink panther does no bring the beast of Bodmin Moor into the ballroom. 

One last orchestra request Your Most Gracious madam conductor make room on the stage, not only for Baroness Plunkety Plunk, but for all to join in - Knees Up Mother Brown. Yes, yes, please, please!!  Ho and by the way I can assure you  Baroness that you are not invisible, indeed no, ask any of the others how much they can see of you. What happened to your costume, did  it blow away in the wind? Be thankful for the mist that envelops you
from time to time. It is all you have on!

Oh no please Mr Web  - find me some clothes!! .. humpf ..never, ever .. heard ...... humiliating .... never .... ever.... such... a .... thing


Dress from Gone with the wind Here. Sweaters available from Here