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Gloria's & Dean's Dance





Say Gloria, if you are still at the Inn I'd like to have a dance. Would it be the neck bashing (flailing) one you invented? I'm afraid that even though I'm a musician I have two left feet and about the only thing I am good at is the polka.
Dean of Viola (Rumpled Woozle Dippy Hop, or whatever)

Thank you Dean; how can I resist one last dance and a drink;== We'd left, but
was still downtown loading more kangaroo food. it's a long trip home,I circled and made a neat landing on the front steps. I see you've bought some instruments;==not my Tregenna creep!= I need my head tonight !
Your polka sounds good to me folky, isn't it? Isn't this fun, I
haven't done this for ages...
You do look dashing;