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The Knitters


Wine bottle Covers

Always thinking of the most important things will be knitting covers for the Ice Wine bottles just in case it gets too cold over the Atlantic. 

Clothes for humans

Margaret-Airy Horny-Cracker-Bang is busy knitting an outfit for the ball.

Emily Symonds Jorge says she is knitting scarves this year and is working on a very pretty fuzzy one at the moment. 

'Cheeky Bunny' Rita - Says she is to busy to knit but request the following

Between organizing the orchestra, if I ever find all of them that is, I've been contemplating my garb for the Moor and the Grand Ball. The Grand Ball was easy - maybe. This Ohioan will proudly display her Cornish ancestry by supporting the cause of flying St. Prian's flag, if
the knitters will help me. I should like a long flowing ballgown of the purest and finest spun tin - dyed a sparkling black. I will make a truly elegant, long, diamond studded cape - that when worn will appear as a sparkling white cross. One promise please - don't hoist me up a flag
pole, wouldn't want my Ohio flag knickers to go flapp'n in the breeze. While exploring Jamaica Inn and surrounds, a little heavier knitted trousers of dyed black tin will be worn over my Ohio flag knickers. A blouse knitted of the same material will be enhanced by a diamond studded white cross scarf. Now off to find those orchestra members....
'Cheeky Bunny' Rita. The General, Her Matchless Piety, Lady Conductor. The Elite Victor Over

Clothes for animals

" Arch Duchess Jan Lucky Horny" The Guildmistress, Her Radiant Potency, . The Majestic Scourge of San Diego. ( Jan Davis)

Asks whether Susan Virden is on the list and if she is going to knit cunning little doggie fur garments???

Luscious Lady Queen Lorna May of Loone-Fuzzy Snuffle-Wuff- The Chancellor, Her Matchless Potency,  - the Superior Queller of Ghostly Uprisings . Says her parrots need one lime green top with a brilliant orange bottom and ruffles around the legs (in popcorn stitch) . The other wants a  purple tank top with a fuscia and magenta bottom in cable stitch. However she says "I wouldn't take any notice if I were you - just make one outfit lime green and the other orange with ruffles."

Beth in Toronto says "I have some lime green wool with a bit of gold thread running through it so
could make one of the parots outfits. I just wish I could remember what on
earth I used the rest of the wool for---------------it really is lime green."

Queen Lorna May aka Fuzzy Snuffle-Wuff, says that the lime green with gold thread sounds fine, as to left-over wool wasn't someone wearing a dress last year in that colour? Pithy Pasthy I think
except that hers was see-through gauze so that would not explain left
over wool. Where is she anyway? Please remember the parrots are very small, only about 5" high with no feathers (it's a long story) they originally had red plumage until I needed to make a feather boa (a long story). Their feathers never came back in (a long story). When they are not wearing their knitted bikini or tank tops they like to strut around in tuxedos with spats, top hats and canes - very dapper. Please don't ask them to sing. They are very good at dancing and 

Beth is also knitting a green coat for her dragon, which she'll keep away from
the featherless parrots.

Queen Lorna May aka Fuzzy Snuffle-Wuff sent a reminder about the orange bikini with frills around the edge of the legs - who will knit it for a very unhappy parrot? The lime green bikini
one is underway so that little bird is happy. She says, please don't use itchy wool, they are bare-butted. They would also like  capes of Samoyed fur. I think they are going royal this year.

The Divine Mrs. M - Lucky Snuffle Wuff Fairy aka Jan Mackey - always the animal lover will be knitting booties for moose and other animals.

A Giant St Pirans flag 

There has been report that you need planning permission to fly the flag of St Piran in Cornwall. As a result: of this -

Queen Corinne-Cheeky Saffron-Helper The Admiral, Her Incomparable Eminence, The Honorable Slayer of Toorak (I think the S in slayer is silent as she is aka "The Toorak Tart"). suggested that the knitters group knit a virtual St. Pirans Flag, large enough to fly over the whole of Cornwall?

"Crown Princess Beth Trumpy Elf" The Guildmistress, Her Puissant Grace, . The Invulnerable Butcher of Toronto thought it was a brilliant idea and as they are moving next year and was supposed to be off loading stuff asays that she has balls of black wool to donate to the
cause, and will start on squares right away.

Baroness Ann-Lucky-Clotted Cream. The Viceroy, Her Puissant Potency. The Adroit Victor over Orange.  Says that she is joining The Knitters Group and will help with the St Piran's flag. as she'd  love to see it waving over *all* of Cornwall.

Luscious Liz - Trumpy Saffron-Walnut (that's Trumpy, not Frumpy!!) in Peterborough is donating some glittery yarn to the giant St. Piran's flag so it catches the light & dazzles everyone.

The Divine Mrs. M - Lucky Snuffle Wuff Fairy aka Jan Mackey, will donate a few rhinestones as they would look nice on St. Piran's flag so that we can see it twinkling in the lights at night so she will sew on a few.

Pam (The Bendigo Gal)
says that she will bring some black & white wool for the flag.


Cheeky Bunny - Says that once again we should take the precaution of fencing in the orchestra to stop tham being attacked. She has therefore taken on the task of knitting the Chain link fencing.