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Animals in Attendance



Stony Crows  - Albert Jenkin


Ready for the ball Joan? - Yes Mr Chip.


Thomas the British blue cat - Vicki Geard


I'll bring our dog Butch - Connie 

Buster - Bonnie in Portland Oregan - wishes everyone a Happy Christmas


Crocodile will entertain us by allowing people to pin a tail on him

Kanga the Kangaroo, who has refused to let people pin one on him. - Gloria Clarkson


Delih & Mister                     Dandy                    Anakin

Catherine's cats from Yorkshire are already getting ready to set off!  


Jolly Green Dragon (Beth)

Woonie Gumpus ( Jan Mackey)

Traveler the Wonder Dog (Albert)

Pepper the Horse Connie in Utah


Goonhilly Horses - George & Sandra P


The Mousehole Cat  - Carol (Kitto) Kubalinski

the Ghost of Molly - Fran Anderson's Horse

Labradors - Fran Anderson 

The Parrots - Lorna Loon


Gannel Crake Ken Harris


Dungeness Crabs Paul Ganser

   Taco the Fish  Jan Davis

Cleopatra my Cat is coming,==the Silencer of Mice!) Gloria Clarkson


   Several Moose      Dragon What Dragon      for Jan Makey