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The music playing is a well-known Irish drinking song "The Rakes of Mallow". The tune was first printed circa 1740.

For those of you who didn't grow up reading Regency novels- those of Georgette Heyer being among the best, 'rake' is short for 'rakehell', an ammoral man who lived a life of debauchery and license. I know some amongst you plan to do the same tonight but first, enjoy the music and join in a reel a  favorite dance at Cornish parties the: 



Four dancers stand in line facing audience or each other. For one (or two) phrases of music, dancers do show-off steps in place. Then middles face ends and all begin reel by passing right shoulders, reversing direction at both ends of the dance, turning right and passing right on re-entering the figure. The reel is danced for an equal amount of time as the stepping. End facing a different person in the line and begin stepping again



With thanks to Lesley Nelson-Burns for the information and she is also the creator of the midi file.