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Simple are we, but on key we will be
If I ever find thee

Jan Davis with her newly tuned violin & baby grand piano

Connie S with her gleaming french horn and Steve B's guitar with new strings along with Jan M and her mandolin.

Catherine, with her tuba, Paul G 'Frosty-Sparkle' and his famous saxophone, along with Dave W and his trombone have gone missing
Matchless Piety, The General, Her Lady Conductor. The Elite Victor Over Noise
(aka Rita 'Cheeky Bunny'

Warren's  jews-harp,  Joan in Wigan  with her six piano accordions, along with Janet's and  Fran A's  zither seem to be in a pickle
Hwethlor Pan-An-Vre and Traveler the Wonder Dog packed their concertina & Julia B ring-ring-a-lings her special bell

      The  Young  family seem to be afloat without a boat.                             Finale all the hard work has been worthwhile.

Wording assistance by "Frosty Berry Bucca" The Lady Protector. Her Peerless Supremacy, Marquis Sandra. The Contentious Slayer of Penhalvean.