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People in Attendance

Here you can find the guest list of names and royal titles.  Before you sue me I must point out that these were generated with computer programs. If you have been a regular party goer and would prefer to use the same name as you used in the past, I will add it as a alias if you let me know.

Empress Kay-Bumble-Whizz Dreamy-Reindeer

The Chancellor, Her Radiant Magnificence. The Unyielding Queller of Sunbury, Melbourne

Kay Cavanaugh - Aus

Queen Emily-Bumble-Whizz Berry-Walnut

The Mistress, Her Majestic Splendor, . The Devout Butcher of California

Emily Symons-Jorge - USA 

Duke Derek-Sneezy Horny-Head

The Chancellor, His Glorious Supremacy. The Insurgent Destroyer of Goonhavern

(Derek Brooks - Cornwall)

Marquis Janice-Snuffle-Wuff-Fairy

The Overlady, Her Radiant Splendor. The Invulnerable Queller of Washington State

(Janice -USA)


Emperor John-Sneezy Saffron-Fairy

The Chamberlain, His Incomparable Piety. The Insurgent Slayer of Florida

(John W Clifton - USA)

Count Phil.-Frosty-Sparkle Saffron-Hazelnut

The General, His Munificent Primacy,  The Glorious Silencer of Cornwall

Phil Warn ?

Prince Brian - Lucky Horny.

Title    The Marshall, His Incomparable Potency. The Superior Slayer of Newquay

(Brian Harris - Cornwall)

Countess Vicki -Happy Holly-Elfnose

The Marshall, Her Puissant Supremacy. The Adroit Silencer of OZ

(Vicki Gear - Aus)

Prince Lightfoot-Frosty-Sparkle Chiggy-Stig-Cracker-Bang.

The Governor, His Puissant Highness. The Elite Victor over Camberra.

(Michael Lightfoot - Aus)

Duke Denis-Wriggly Horny-Head

The Guildmaster, His Excellent Eminence.  The Wondrous Vanquisher of Perth & St Agnes

(Denis Edwards - Aus)

Arch Duchess Mary-Bumble-Whizz Dreamy-Cracker-Bang

The Chamberlain, Her Supreme Excellency. The Elite Destroyer of Gwinear

(Mary Hester - Surrey UK)

Baroness Bonnie-Cheeky Berry-Elf

The Chancellor, Her Peerless Piety. The Deft Queller of

aka Bonnie - USA

Arch Duchess Jo-Cheeky Saffron-Fairy

The Governess, Her Matchless Magnificence. The Elite Dominator of Eastern Oregon" aka Jo - USA

Queen Corinne-Cheeky Saffron-Helper

The Admiral, Her Incomparable Eminence, The Honorable Slayer of Toorak

I think the S in slayer is silent as she is aka "The Toorak Tart".  

(Corinne Thompson - Aus )

Marquis Ken-Bumble-Whizz Chiggy-Stig

The Master, His Sublime Grandeur. The Imcomparable Butcher of Camelford. 

(Ken Harris - Camelford UK)

Crown Princess Fran-Lucky Saffron-Tinker-Toes

The General, Her Excellent Grandeur,  The Wondrous Destroyer of Tumwater & Tywardreath  

(Fran Anderson - Olympia, Washington State, USA )

Crown Princess Lorna-Fuzzy-Saffron-Brandy-Snap. 

The Chancellor, Her Eminent Puissance, . The Devout Subjugator of Alberta

aka Lady Lorna of Loone of the utmost virtue. (Lorna L)

Empress Pam Scrummy Hazelnut

The Guildmistress, Her Majestic Puissance. The Imcomparable Dominator of Bendigo.

 (Pam2001 - Aus)

Queen Julie Cheeky Saffron-Fairy

The Lady Protector, Her Peerless Magnificence. The Honorable Subduer of North Vancouver. 

(Julie Boardman - Canada)


Marquis Margaret Airy Horny-Cracker-Bang

The Lady Protector, Her Supreme Honor, The Majestic Destroyer of St Just in Penwith. 

( Margaret Owen - Aus)

Grand Duke Dean Cuddly Chilly-Whizzer-Head

The Governor, His Matchless Puissance, The Glorious Queller of Viola, Wisconsin. 

(Dean Young - USA)

Prince Paul Frosty-Sparkle Clotted Cream-Hazelnut

The Chancellor, His Puissant Eminence,  The Insurgent Queller of San Jose. 

(Paul Ganser - USA)

Baron Steve Cheeky Snuffle-Wuff-Elf

The Governor, His Supreme Illustriousness. The Glorious Subjugator of Cornwall Chaples 

(Steve Beasley - Cornwall)

" Arch Duchess Jan Lucky Horny"

The Guildmistress, Her Radiant Potency, . The Majestic Scourge of San Diego. 

( Jan Davis - USA)

Queen Sue Cheeky Chiggy-Stig-Elf

The Chancellor, Her Eminent Piety,  The Superior Vanquisher of  Talland & Lansallos. 

(Sue Dent - Aus)

"Duchess Jan. Lucky Snuffle-Wuff-Fairy"

The Mayor, Her Peerless Piety,  The Adroit Dominator of Orange County. 

( Jan Mackey - USA)

 "Madam Gloria Fuzzy Booby"

The Chamberlain, Her Peerless Primacy,. The Adroit Queller of Oz. 

(Gloria Clarkson - Aus)

"Arch Duchess Zoe Cheeky Clotted Cream-Goose"

The General, Her Peerless Piety, . The Crusader Silencer of Ontario. 

(Zoe Archer - Canada)

"Madam Janet Airy Crusty-Baps-Fairy"

The Chancellor, Her Eminent Primacy,  The Majestic Silencer of
Sandown, Isle of Wight. 

(Janet Few - I-o-W. UK)

"Madam Carol Frosty-Sparkle Helper"

The Viceroy, Her Majestic Honor. The Elite Slayer of Melbourne. 

(Carol Pratt - Aus)

"Baron George Cheeky Holly-Booby,

The General, His Supreme Splendour, The Belligerent Silencer of Penhalvean" 

(George Pritchard - Cornwall)

The Lady Protector Sandra-Frosty- Berry Bucca-

Her Peerless Supremacy. The Contentious Slayer of Penhalvean" 

(Sandra Vingoe Pritchard - Cornwall)

 " Countess Carol Frosty-Sparkle Holly"

The Mayor, Her Radiant Honor, The Contentious Dominator of Towerless Maryland 

(Carol Polglase - USA)

Crown Prince Albert Saffron-Whizzy-Bee.( AKA  Hwethlor Pen-An-Vre)

The Master, His Supreme Highness,  The Splendid Victor over Carwinnion. 

(Albert Jenkin - USA)

"Marquis Sally Bumble-Whizz Saffron-Elf"

The Marshall, Her Noble Puissance, Marquis Sally. The Superior Destroyer of Camborne. 

(Sally Cann - Aus)

"Crown Prince David Smiley Saffron"

The Marshall, His Eminent Grace, the Brilliant Subjugator of Toronto. 

(David Arathoon - Canada)

"Crown Princess Beth Trumpy Elf"

The Guildmistress, Her Puissant Grace, . The Invulnerable Butcher of Toronto. 

(Beth Wearing - Canada)

"Empress Annie Cheeky Whizzy-Bee"

The Chancellor, Her Omnipotent Highness,  The Unyielding Destroyer of Mousehole. 

(Annie lady - Cornwall)

 "Baroness Joan Lucky Kerno"

The Mistress, Her Puissant Supremacy,. The Invulnerable Slaughterer of Colorado 

(Joan in Colorado - USA)

"Baron John Lucky Saffron-Fairy"

The General, His Eminent Supremacy,  the Wondrous Subduer of New Zealand. 

(John Tremewan N.Z)

Queen Ros Haywood-Wriggly Holly-Cheeky-Elf

The Chamberlain, Her Eminent Splendor. The Unyielding Subjugator of Somerset 

(Ros Hayward  - Somerset UK)

Grand Duchess Ann Lucky Clotted Cream

The Chancellor, Her Munificent Puissance, the Crusader Victor over Orange. 

(Ann Tumser - USA)

" Duke Lawrence Saffron-Brandy-Snap"

The Chamberlain, His Noble Supremacy, the Wondrous Subjugator of Carminowe. 

(Lawrence Upton - London UK)

 Prince Warren Lucky Fluffy-Snowdrop. AKA Captain V.

The Overlord, His Majestic Grace, the Superior Slayer of Australia. 

(Warren Job - Aus)

Madam Connie Cheeky Horny-Helper

The Governess, Her Matchless Immensity, the Majestic Slayer of Utah. 

(Connie Saunders - USA) 

 Countess Beth Clotted Cream-Elf

The Overlady, Her Excellent Honor, The Brilliant Scourge of Central coast of NSW

(Beth - Aus)

Some apologized and said they could not attend, but hey they still get a name and title.


"Madam Pat Airy Horny-Hazelnut"

The Overlady, Her Matchless Excellency. The Unyielding Vanquisher of Perth. 

(Pat Banks - Aus)