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Percy The Parrot

Dear Listers,

Near the end of October, the List was discussing Bodmin Moor and the Jamaica Inn. I mentioned that I had stayed at the Inn and had a photo of Percy sipping *some beverage*. A Lister emailed me an interesting story, which I posted to the List with her permission.

Since we are now at the Jamaica Inn for our Christmas party, I shall re-post her story.

"I used to work at the Inn in the kitchens and restaurant and know Percy very
well. She has a nicotine addiction as a result of being in the bar for years and plucks her feathers to get the nicotine off. She also quite likes a tipple or two from the regulars, so she was moved to the breakfast room.

Unfortunately, she is not the original Percy!!!! A long time ago, the regulars in the pub had a bet that got out of hand on a drinking session. It resulted in the original Percy having HIS head bitten off. I know this is quite grim but that's the local legend of Percy the parrot. She will swear and curse at you, too, and numerous times I had to convince children that she spoke a foreign language when they were talking to her. She also likes to drink ribena from a wine glass!

The area surrounding Jamaica Inn is always covered by fog no matter what time of year it is. It is quite possibly the eeriest and scariest place I have ever worked. Two bedrooms being haunted, I never took up an offer of chambermaid! The kitchen next to the restaurant is also very spooky. I was working one night and we were closing down for the evening. Then I heard footsteps coming from the kitchen towards me so I went to the kitchen and there was no one there. So I went back to work and there they were again. They were getting closer and the hairs on the back of my neck were on end, so I ran to the hotel reception to find all the restaurant staff and manager there counting out the tips! There had been no one in the kitchen.

I was seventeen then and I do miss the place. It has an ambience and I think everyone who visits there comes away with some love for the Ol Inn. They collect Percy's feathers as she pulls them out to keep for when she dies as they are going to put her in the taxidermy museum!"

Best wishes,
Lucky Clotted Cream-W-B
The Viceroy -------------