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Gloria Clarkson arrived once again aboard her sturdy steed Kanga. Who broke his record for a round the world leap.

Kenneth Harris made the journey on on the back of Cam El the Golden Camel Overseer of Camelford which normally stands on top of the clock tower.

Count the Young family in for the party. I will be packing up my yellow canoe with all my family, hmmmm let's see, that will be 11 of us, plus three ghosts (but they don't take up any space). We will all tote some instruments and voices for singing. I will have my trombone and you will
be able to hear me when I arrive at the Cornish shore. In addition, we will bring three trumpets, a french horn, clarinet, hautbois, fagot, sackbut, bells, drum set, wash board and various kazoos.  No steers or pigs to have to drag along, so there ought to be plenty room in that old canoe this trip.  Hope we don't get lost this year. We will leave from the port of Milwaukee and should get to Cornwall in plenty time for the party, barring any bad weather. I'll bring along some of Aunt Elly's Nog too. We can use some of that Tinner's Punch to spice it up a bit.    

Dean of Viola, Wisconsin, USA and newly named, Cuddly Chilly-Whizzer-Head

Carol, Kay, Pam and Corinne are on board "The Eureka Flag" en-route to

Hello Eureka Flag Girls,

Our Eureka Flag is now finished and ready for take off ...... could everyone
please make their way to The Eureka Stockade and we will take off when all
are on board.

Hi everyone,
Just taking time off from de-mothing the afghan and trying not to trip over the beads to ask why no-one wants to travel on the groovy bus? I hope you haven't been put off by tales of my driving 'ability'. All vicious rumours I assure you. All that is required is to utter the password (which is 'hey man') and travel will be free - bring your own psychedelic flowers. I have hitched a passage across the Solent with a friendly lobster fisherman. Sadly not really the season for local lobster but I am sure I can pick up some virtual ones.
I will hover round the Mary Rose and Victory as we usually collect various people's disreputable ancestors at that point. I'll be looking out for several times great uncle Frederick Francis Braund. I may have mentioned him before - he is the one who threw the anchor overboard and forgot to let go.
Did no-one warn Mary that joining the party immediately signals to one's nearest and dearest that you have totally lost it? You learn to ignore remarks like 'I thought you were busy' and 'is there going to be any tea tonight?'
Has anyone invited Henry VIII this year? He usually causes havoc so maybe best to leave his off the list. I could bring Queen Victoria from her beach hut (a.k.a. Osborne House) on the Isle of Wight but she may be rather a party pooper.
I'll be landing in Portsmouth very soon and standing by for passengers.
Janet (what on earth was my title?) shortly leaving the Isle of Wight - still knitting joss sticks.

 I told you it would be right by the time we get to St Ives. Eureka, and i don't mean the flag. Look what Jan has come up with. It's too good to alter. Baron G.

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Right on, then, me 'ansums.  That do sound like a proper killer itinerary.  Traveler the Wonder Dog and I will set out from where I've hidden the James Bond Inflatable Zodiac Commando Boat under a bridge up Manatawney Creek in due course. Being we 'ave such a monster affair goin', p'raps I'd best double the usual quantitiy of Yuengling's Smashin' Good Porter.  Six tuns instead of the usual three.  It's a rubber boat - it'll stretch. 

Anyone wishin' to 'op on as we pass Philadelphia, cruise Delaware Bay, and then lurch northward, do let  us know early.  Space for livestock is limited.

Albert Jenkin aka Hwethlor Pen-An-Vre and Traveler the Wonder Dog



Anyone else travelling from the NE of England as I suggest that we forgo the delights of Virgin trains & instead make use of the replica of the Stephenson's "Locomotion" held at Beamish.

Once in Cornwall we can make use of the old mine railway routes across the moor. The ride might be a little bumpy & draughty but I'm sure that ample doses of Tinner's Punch will soon rectify those slight inconveniences.

Cheeky Berry-Elf
The Chamberlain, Her Majestic Excellency, Princess Susan. The
Invulnerable Subduer of Talland

Well, I'm all ready to get started. The magical surry is all packed with zither, food and wine, and the Labradors (Duke & Sugar) are impatiently waiting while I hitch up Molly, my ghostly horse.

All ready? Giddap, Molly!  We're off, flying south past Mount St. Helens to pick up Bonnie & Jo (and their trees) in Portland.  Then we'll turn back north to meet Julie in North Vancouver. (Julie, that's Vancouver, BC, isn't it, not Vancouver, WA?)  From there we'll fly across Canada and past the North Pole, waving to Santa's workshop as we go. Then back down south to Great Britain. I think I can find Bodmin Moor without getting lost, but might have a hard time locating Jamaica Inn! Well, I'll just look for a large crowd of merry makers, and large Cornish flags!

Crown Princess Fran-Lucky Saffron-Tinker-Toes;
The General, Her Excellent Grandeur,  The Wondrous Destroyer of Tumwater &

I just got off  back with visiting with me mate  Sir Richard Branson, who happens to be  visinting  Sydney,  and he has offered   VIRGIN  Airlines  big   jumbo  767, to fly  any of us  good Conrish cousin's  back ti ireland , his  xmas treat,  he will throw in   Steve Irwin as an appertisizer  entertainment for the trip,  plus meter maid from  Coolangatta,  with lucky charms sticked to their bikinis,   bottle of dum-de-perry-deonne ? goes to the passenger who has got the most pinched charms...(heh-heh-heh--)   a  pinching i'm a going...

Bookings a been a taking, plus a small fee be payble inadvance, plenty of tickets still available in; first class,   second class,  manger class,  ark class,   roman orgy class and the kitchen and wine cellar if you ring in the next 15 minutes, i will throw in a set of steak knives,