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Warren's Dance 








There goes Cap'n V dancing with  Madam Fuzzy Saffron. She looks lovely in her Russian hat and bright red suit.  I'm a bit hoarse from  singing  the 1812 Overture but I think I can still  sing. Hoist your  skirts up girls, gird up your loins guys, here we go:

Oh, knees up Mother Brown, knees up Mother Brown,
Under the table you must go, Ee-yi, Ee-yi Ee-yi Oh,
 (get those knees up)
If I catch you bending, I'll saw your legs right off,
Knees up, knees up, don't get the breeze up, knees up Mother Brown.

The animals are having a wonderful time. They are getting their knees
 way up and hollering "Knees Up!" 

Now, anymore requests?

Can the Flora Dance be done in December, rather than May? I've already told
Ken (Bumble-Whizz Chiggy-Stigg) that I would do the Flora Dance with him at
Tregenna Castle.

Best wishes,

Yes it can but our version is a little different.